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Is Your Body Is Fighting Against Your Purpose?

We all have dreams and God-given purposes we want to pursue, but what happens when our bodies don't cooperate? Physical limitations like chronic illnesses, disabilities, or debilitating conditions can sometimes make us feel betrayed by our own bodies. However, the resilient women featured in our latest podcast episode are proof that purpose prevails, no matter the obstacles.

"Jesus is willing to meet us right where we are." - Lisa Burris Burns

One of the most profound reminders from this episode is that we don't have to have it all together for God to use us. As Lisa shared, "Your giftings and your callings don't have to go up on a shelf because of your human condition. When you are leaning on Jesus, calling upon him, asking him to come into the place you're in, He is all around you."

In our weakness, He is made strong.

The stories in this episode are a powerful testament to God's strength shining through our weaknesses. As Amber reflected, "People often don't know what battles we face behind closed doors. What's really going on on the inside, especially when we continue to push through with his grace and his strength."

Reflection Questions:

1. In what ways have you felt limited or betrayed by your physical body?

2. How can you reframe your perspective to see physical challenges as opportunities to lean on God's strength?

3. What societal or personal expectations might you need to let go of to fully embrace your purpose, despite physical limitations?

4. How can you cultivate an attitude of vulnerability and authenticity in sharing your struggles while still pointing to God's goodness?

5. What practical strategies could you implement to better navigate your physical challenges while staying focused on your purpose?

These inspiring women have shown that our purpose is not defined by our physical abilities, but by our willingness to surrender to God's plan and let His strength shine through our weakness. Don't miss the full episode of "Is Your Health Holding Your Dreams Hostage?" to be encouraged and uplifted by their powerful stories.

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