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Coffee Chat Real Mom Series: From Teen Mom to Beloved Grandparent: Stacy Sanchez's Redemptive Journey

Embracing Her Belovedness

As a pregnant teen, Stacy faced a harsh doctor who wrote "ABORTION" across her chart in big red letters, as if she had no choice. But Stacy chose life for her son and herself that day. Years later, she would have a pivotal realization:

"I am beloved just as much as Jesus is because I'm seen through Jesus."

Stacy learned to "tear down" any lies of worthlessness or shame by REACHING UP and replacing them with the truth that she is God's beloved child. What a powerful perspective shift!

Dying to Her Dreams

When Stacy's adopted daughter suffered from the trauma she couldn't heal, Stacy faced another devastating loss of her dreams. Then unexpectedly, at a stage when she thought she was done parenting, her grandson was dropped on her doorstep by child services due to neglect.

"I had to learn to die to myself and my dreams of what I thought my life should be."

Stacy found herself depressed until God showed her how to "breathe to the rhythm" of His love and plans.

Releasing With Hope

Now Stacy faces another extremely difficult season - releasing her beloved grandson to a treatment facility for the care he needs. She admits struggling with anger toward his birth mom, but also extending grace as a parent who made choices she regrets.

But this time, Stacy has found a different kind of surrendered hope:

"I have zero feeling, zero control over it. Nothing tangible, it's just 'He's yours. He's absolutely yours.' And so there's nothing about me that I can control."

Stacy's story is a powerful testament to life's unexpected turns, but also to the constant grace, love, and purpose of God through it all. Her vulnerability and hard-won wisdom will deeply inspire any mother or grandmother.

Listen to the full interview on the latest episode of the Coffee Chat podcast, available wherever you get podcasts or in the player above. You'll be blessed!

Reflection Questions:

  1. What lies about your worth or ability as a mom needs to be "torn down" today? How can you live in your belovedness?

  2. What dreams or expectations for your life or someone else's life are you struggling to lay down right now? How can you embrace God's new call?

  3. Where in your life do you need to surrender and embrace a surrendered, intangible hope that God is in control? What could that look like?

  4. If you're not a mom, is there an area where you need to release control to God and find hope in His belovedness for you? How can you apply Stacy's wisdom?

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