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Coffee Chat with Amber & Lisa: The Heart, Hustle & Many Hats of Real Moms with Heather Atkinson

Welcome back for another soul-stirring season of Coffee Chat with Amber and Lisa! In this week's episode, we were blessed to have Heather Atkinson join us for an honest conversation about finding yourself in the blur of motherhood.

Motherhood as a Gift and a Challenge

Heather opened up about how being a stay-at-home mom was deeply meaningful yet also an incredible struggle at times. She shared openly about the tension between finding fulfillment in mothering while also feeling lost amidst the busyness.

"It was the greatest gift, but it was also the biggest challenge," Heather reflects.

Choosing to Be Home

Despite outside pressure about needing a dual income, Heather listened to her own heart and chose to be home with her kids full time. She discusses the comments and judgment she faced over this decision.

"I always came back to this is what I want to do. There’s nothing else I would rather be doing," she shares.

Feeling Lost in Motherhood

Like many moms, Heather got so caught up in the role of mom that she lost sight of who she was as an individual. She transparently shares about questioning her purpose, passions and talents outside of parenting.

"Who am I outside of that? What do I want to do? What brings me fulfillment?" Heather wondered

Finding Support Along the Way

In the messiness and anxiety, Heather leaned on her husband, friends, counseling and medication to stay grounded. She offers encouragement not to walk the road alone.

"My husband was huge but friends, church, just other people that can help you get outside of motherhood for just a couple hours," she shares.

Heather's candid wisdom brings comfort, helping moms know they aren't alone when they lose themselves. Her story inspires hope for finding yourself again amidst the blur.

Reflection Questions:

- How can you create space to reconnect with yourself in motherhood?

- What support do you need right now - friends, counseling, medication?

- How can you extend grace to yourself on the hard days?


[00:55] Motherhood as a gift and a challenge

[02:15] Choosing to be a stay-at-home mom

[05:25] Feeling lost in motherhood

[10:27] Finding support along the way

Tune into this uplifting chat for an honest conversation about navigating motherhood with grace for yourself and others. Let Heather's story inspire you to reclaim your voice. You are not defined by motherhood alone - you are loved, valued and purpose-filled in everything you do!

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