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The Essentials for Joy this Holiday Season —Leading Lady Nancy Bogart, Founder of Jordan Essentials

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

When Nancy Bogart found herself needing to earn extra holiday cash as a young stay-at-home mom, she inventoried her skills and got creative. Drawing from her food science background, she whipped up a solid lotion bar prototype right in her kitchen. Soon she was selling thousands of bars out of car trunks with the help of mom groups.

Over two decades later, that humble lotion bar sparked a company that now offers over 150 self-care products, employs people with disabilities, and spreads joy nationwide. Nancy’s journey with Jordan Essentials Healthy Skincare teaches how godly inspiration, persistence through failures, and surrounding ourselves with complementary strengths can turn kitchen creations into careers.

Identifying God-Given Gifts

Though not raised in church, Nancy cried out to God in a desperate moment before having her son. She promised if He blessed her with a child, she would seek to know Him more. Through the community she found at a small church plant, Nancy grew in her infant faith while raising a child with health challenges.

When the need arose years later to earn income without leaving her young kids, Nancy felt God reveal an unusual path drawing from her innate gifts. Though she lacked business training, she stepped forward in faith, believing He would equip her for the tasks at hand.

Failing Forward

The journey to stability was far from smooth sailing. Nancy shares openly about the soul-crushing 2008 downturn that challenged relationships and identity. With her husband taking an outside job, she stewarded their company solo through a make-or-break season showed Nancy what she was made of.

Questions for Reflection:

1. How has God creatively provided for you amidst desperate times?

2. Are you open to God’s inspiration calling you down an unusual path?

3. Who can you surround yourself with to complement your natural strengths and weaknesses?

Dive deeper into Nancy’s experiences by listening to Coffee Chat with Amber & Lisa! Discover more about using your kitchen as a launching pad for your business.

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