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Coffee Chat with Shenora Lechleidner: The Underwire Slayer Uplifting Women to Wholeness

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

“The Lord will guide you continually, giving you water when you are dry and restoring your strength. You will be like a well-watered garden, like an ever-flowing spring.” Isaiah 58:11

In a world filled with voices telling women how they should look and act, Shenora Lechleidner brings a refreshing message of embracing our God-given dignity. As the “Shemama” and “underwire slayer,” Shenora points women to true beauty and belonging found in Christ alone.

Bra-ving New Freedom

Shenora never expected to join a direct sales company like Ruby Ribbon. She simply wanted to help a friend by hosting an online party. But soon Shenora fell in love with the camis and bras that brought physical and emotional freedom. No more underwire digging into her skin after a C-section. No more tugging, adjusting and discomfort.

As sales took off, Shenora recognized God's providence. Amid a recovery period from a back injury and unemployment, this income allowed her to be present for her family. What began as a favor for a friend turned into a flourishing business.

More than a Product, a Ministry

But for Shenora, it's always been about more than bras. She shares her faith openly on social media, encouraging women in their relationships and identity. Sales pave the way for intimate spiritual conversations.

Shenora prioritizes Sundays for intentional rest—the way God designed. Though tempted to work nonstop, she relies on His strength. Her business flourishes without compromising conviction.

The Divine Appointment of Krista

Through Ruby Ribbon, Shenora met fellow stylist Krista Daugherty. As breast cancer returned, Krista lived boldly, proudly "rocking the flat." This woman of valor used each moment to testify of God's goodness.

Krista came alongside Shenora in ministry, helping lead online Bible studies. Though Krista went to be with Jesus, her legacy continues impacting women through Shenora’s website.

Uplifted to Uplift

God delights in using our pain for a greater purpose. When we step out in faith, surrendering our efforts to Him, He will uplift us to uplift others.

Shenora follows the model of her grandmother, who served tirelessly behind the scenes, unoffended by criticism. She points women to the only perfect Father, not seeking her glory.

May we embrace our hidden ministry opportunities! As Shenora exemplifies, God can use any platform or occupation when we make loving Christ our supreme purpose.

Pause & Reflect

- Where do you need more physical, emotional, or spiritual freedom right now? Are you relying fully on God’s strength?

- Is there a hobby or skill God might want to use for His greater purposes? How can you honor Him in your daily work?

- Whose story speaks life and inspiration to you? How can passing on their legacy bless others?

No matter our flaws or circumstances, God wants to uplift us fully to new life in Him. May we allow His love to heal and restore us, unleashing beauty, purpose and wholeness.

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