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Coffee Chat with Amber and Lisa—Letting Ourselves Off the Hook: Challenging Expectations for Working Moms

Updated: Feb 9

In the latest Coffee Chat episode, Amber and Lisa jumpstart the Real Moms Series with refreshingly real dialogue about the impossible balancing act working moms are expected to achieve. They share stories and insights that empower you to let yourself off the hook.

The Tension Between Career Goals and Motherhood

Amber opens up about once feeling like she had to choose between being a career woman or having children. She discusses women's societal pressure to conform to certain roles and expectations.

Facing Judgment from Others

Lisa shares about feeling shame for wanting to nurse her babies herself rather than using the church nursery. She talks about the judgement working moms face when trying to simultaneously parent and pursue professional goals.

Getting Lost in the Busyness of Parenting

Amber and Lisa reflect on how easy it is to lose yourself and your dreams in the consuming busyness of parenting. They emphasize the importance of remembering your passions.

Showing Ourselves Kindness and Grace

Amber and Lisa realize many expectations of moms are unrealistic and devoid of grace. They discuss the importance of self-compassion and tuning out the judgment of others.

Key Takeaways:

- Working moms often feel immense pressure to live up to competing societal expectations. This episode challenges you to let yourself off the hook.

- It's common to lose sight of your passions and sense of self amid busy parenting. Reconnect with who you are.

- Tune out the judgment of others. The only expectations that matters are the ones you place on yourself.

- Approach parenting with immense self-compassion. You're doing the best you can - and that is enough.

Tune in to this empowering episode for an honest conversation to help you challenge expectations and show yourself grace on your motherhood journey.


[00:01:53] Amber shares feeling pressure to choose between career or motherhood

[00:02:37] Discussion about women fostering/adopting without needing a husband

[00:03:26] Quote about the expectation for moms to work like they don't have kids and raise kids like they don't work

[00:04:03] Getting "lost" in the busyness of parenting

[00:05:20] Pressure to conform based on societal expectations

[00:06:40] Lisa chose to sacrifice income to be with her kids rather than pay for childcare

[00:08:20] The ongoing decisions around work-life balance, even as a grandparent

[00:09:46] You can still nurture, even without having biological kids

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