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Lessons in Love, Wisdom & Purpose-Built Relationships with Dr. Velma Bagby

In this eye-opening episode of the "Coffee Chat with Amber & Lisa", Amazon bestselling author and counselor Dr. Velma Bagby shares candid insights on evaluating the people in your inner circle and intentionally cultivating purpose-driven connections.

From Setting Higher Relational Standards...

Too often, Dr. Velma explains, we approach dating and relationships from a flawed "high school" mindset focused on superficial attributes instead of core values and kingdom alignment. She challenges listeners to raise their standards:

"Get rid of high school dating...Go back to the blueprint that God has given you. If you are serious about marriage, scripture only talks about meeting a person to marry."

To Tough Self-Examination...

Before we can build an uplifting support system, Dr. Velma says we have to look inward first:

"Have you laid aside every weight and sin? ...Some weights are not sinful, but you're carrying them around and you shouldn't because it can get in the way of discovering who God would have you to meet."

To Purposeful Pruning of Unhealthy Connections

Once we've done the internal work, we can begin to evaluate existing relationships through a new gospel-centered lens. As Dr. Velma shares:

"Throughout the series were conversations about what God says about the fool and foolish behavior - and why these are warnings to us so that we could be aware of the type of people, whether it's a relationship or a friendship or business."

Lasting change begins from the inside out. Are you ready to take an honest look at the voices you're allowing to speak into your life?

Listen to this powerful episode to gain Dr. Velma Bagby's practical wisdom on building an inner circle focused on purpose over distraction. You'll walk away inspired to form the uplifting, kingdom-minded tribe that will propel you further into all God has destined for your life.

Tune in now wherever you get your podcasts, or use the player below! Your purpose-driven circle is just one step away.



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