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Coffee Chat with Amber and Lisa: Dream for More in 2024 with Leading Lady Linda Goldfarb

Welcome Back for Season 2 of Coffee Chat! We are so excited to kick off the new year with the first episode of season 2 of Coffee Chat with Amber and Lisa! In this episode, we were blessed to have our dear friend and leading lady Linda Goldfarb join us for an encouraging conversation about dreaming bigger with God in 2024.

How Do We Dream With God?

As Linda reminded us, God designed us to be dreamers with active imaginations, vision, and purpose. But how do we know if our dreams align with His purpose? Linda took us to Scripture, sharing wisdom from Proverbs 3 on finding true success and satisfaction when we seek and acknowledge God in all our ways.

She said, "I believe we can dream and believe for success in our lives. The question might be though, am I looking at the success that is my own doing, the world’s doing? What type of success am I striving for?"

Trusting God's Timing and Plans

We discussed how God often uses the timing and plans that don't go as we expected to refine us and grow our faith, even when it feels disappointing or like failure. Amber shared how she often finds herself back at square one, struggling with finding her purpose and worth in her accomplishments. But Linda reminded us that we aren't defined by our perceived disqualifications - with God, all things are possible!

"No plans or failures. They're all discovery times. They all have a purpose that leads to that next step toward success." - Linda Goldfarb

Lisa added, "It’s like an awakening. The more you rely on him, the more you spend time with him, as you trust him with it, I believe he does wake us up."

What doors is God opening for you this year? Will you choose to walk through in faith, trusting His purpose and timing?

Walking Through Open Doors

Near the end of the episode, we discussed how God opens and closes doors in our lives according to His timing and purposes. Linda shared wisdom from Isaiah 22:22 and Revelation 3:7 about how God holds the keys and ultimately determines the doors we walk through.

When God opens a door, we can choose to walk through in faith, even when we don't understand what's on the other side. And when He closes a door, we don't need to strive to open it back up again, but trust that He has something else in store, Linda shares.

No matter what doors open or close this year, we can have confidence that God holds our future and wants to lead us into greater dependence on Him day by day. Let's courageously follow where He leads in 2024!

Lord, give us eyes to see the open doors you have for us in 2024!

Reflection Questions:

- What limiting beliefs do you need to surrender to God's possibilities this year?

- What do you sense God is inviting you to dream about in this new season?

- How can you lean into trusting God's timing and purpose when life doesn't go as planned?

We hope this episode encourages you to dream with Holy Spirit this year! Let us know in the comments what you felt challenged or inspired by. Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss an episode of Coffee Chat!

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