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Coffee Chat with Leading Lady Tracy Glass: It's Your Time to Shine, So What's Holding You Back?

Leading Lady Tracy Hester Glass ( sat down to us about her journey to stepping into her calling and living freely. As the award-winning author of Get Up Girl, Let's Go: Getting Unstuck and Living Free,

Tracy shared valuable insights from her experience of moving past pain and shame into purpose.

Overcoming Insecurity and Shame

Tracy revealed that she wrote her book during a painful divorce season after 24 years of marriage. As someone previously in ministry, she felt ashamed and disqualified from serving God. However, she realized she could only lead through her deliverance and healing.

After initially hiding her pain, Tracy finally reached out for counseling. She spent two transformative years with a counselor who helped reshape how Tracy saw herself, even amid trauma. This allowed her to still bring glory to God during chaos.

Saying Yes to Boldly Lead

An important awakening for Tracy was recognizing her value as a woman. She pointed to Proverbs 31:18, which describes the wise woman valuing her gifts and talents. Tracy admitted she previously saw her "merchandise" as damaged. But God was calling her to boldly lead and use her voice.

Stepping into leadership required Tracy to overcome insecurities and say yes to God, even when unprepared. She had to silence the negative self-talk holding her back. Tracy writes in her book, "It’s doing what God has asked us to do fully."

The Power of Telling Our Stories

Sharing stories openly and honestly also frees others. Tracy's boldness in telling her story inspired Amber to be vulnerable and transparent in her book chapter. When we shine a light on shame, it loses its power over us.

Tracy also shared candidly on the Mommy Issues podcast with her daughter Courtney. This project gave them space to air real hurts and misunderstandings, bringing healing. When we give words to unresolved issues, we often find freedom.

Pause and Reflect:

- What insecurities or shame might be holding you back from boldly embracing your calling? How can you experience more healing?

- Are there ways you need to honor your gifts and value your "merchandise," as the Proverbs 31 woman did?

- What would it look like in your life to say yes to God, even if it means disappointing others along the way?

- Is there a story you need to share or a strained relationship to address openly to walk in greater freedom?

It's easy to allow shame, insecurity, or the expectations of others to stifle our calling. But as Tracy's journey shows, we find breakthroughs when we fully say yes to how God uniquely gifted us. It's your time to shine brightly for Him!

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