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Coffee Chat with Leading Lady Monica Schmelter: Let Kindness Take the Lead

"A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger." – Proverbs 15:1

As the newly appointed Director of Station Managers for Christian Television Network, as well as veteran

Monica Schmelter
Monica Schmelter, Christian Television Network, Host of Bridges

host of the talk show "Bridges" Monica Schmelter carries a huge responsibility. Yet she leads with a gentle, listening spirit that builds trust and brings out the best in her team.

Listen First

Monica shared that a key principle for her is simply taking time to listen and get to know people. No amount of rules and procedures can replace a genuine relationship. Understanding someone’s gifts and hearts allows you to connect in a meaningful way.

This attitude of listening enables Monica to deliver even hard messages with care and compassion. Letting someone go is never easy, but if done in the right spirit, it can still honor that person.

Bring Your Whole Self

Early on, Monica tried to adopt a tough, impersonal manner in the workplace. But she found leading as her true self was more effective. Respecting each person’s humanity makes space for empathy and collaboration.

Monica is transparent about her mistakes and limitations. This frees others to be honest as well. She leads from a place of “God-fidence” – relying on His strength and wisdom.

Kindness Invites Heaven

Prayer is central to Monica’s leadership, inviting God’s supernatural help. She intercedes daily for each staff member by name. This care and connection bear fruit far beyond what she could orchestrate alone.

Monica acknowledges there are hard parts to leading well. But showing Christ’s kindness and love opens doors for influence. As she listens and learns, God guides her steps.

Pause & Reflect

- How can you lead with more gentleness and understanding this week? Are there people you need to listen to better?

- Do you need to let go of others’ biases and problems that weigh you down? How can you stay focused on your calling?

- Who in your workplace needs prayer right now? How can inviting God’s presence into the challenges you face make a difference?

With God’s help, we can lead from a place of compassion and wisdom. May showing kindness be our distinguishing mark, pointing others to the Father’s heart.

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