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Celebrating the Most Downloaded Podcast of 2023 —Make it or Break it with Jacquelyn "Jackie" Marushka

Updated: Jan 13

Celebrating the Most Downloaded Podcast of 2023 As we bid farewell to the year, let's revel in the celebration of the most downloaded podcast of 2023— "Make it or Break it" with Leading Lady Jacquelyn "Jackie" Maruska. This insightful episode, aired on Mother's Day, unfolds the extraordinary journey of a woman whose wisdom has resonated with countless hearts, one of our chapter contributors.

A Foundation of Hard Work and Humility

Embark on an exploration of Jackie's extraordinary journey—from the captivating blue skies of New Mexico to becoming the youngest vice president of publicity for Sony Provident Music. Proverbs 3:5-6 sets the tone, guiding reflections on work ethic, perspective, and the art of storytelling.

Intentional Living with Kindness on God's Red Carpet

Dive into a dialogue on intentional living and kindness as Jackie shares the humility learned from her grandparents. Join the conversation on leading with kindness in the workplace, even amidst differing beliefs. Discover the profound parallels between red carpets and God's love, inspired by Romans 12:1.

Be Still and Know—Navigating the Perils of Busyness (Psalm 46:10)

Jackie takes center stage by revealing the perils of allowing busyness to become an idol. Psalm 46:10 encourages us to be still and know that He is God. Explore the significance of community and empowerment to envision a multiplication of Jackie's spirit, reflecting God's divine design.

Join Amber & Lisa for a captivating journey with Jackie Mariska, available as the most downloaded Coffee Chat of 2023. Immerse yourself in the wisdom shared, and let the lessons of humility, intentional living, and kindness resonate in your heart.

See You on Jan 7 for Season 2!

We look forward to the future as we bid adieu to this year. Join us on January 7 for the second season of Coffee Chat with Amber & Lisa, proudly sponsored by Leading Ladies Life and Jordan Essentials Healthy Skincare. Cheers to a new year filled with wisdom, joy, and countless meaningful conversations!

Reflection Questions:

  1. After learning about Jackie Mariska's journey and work ethic, how can you incorporate a stronger work ethic into your own professional life?

  2. Considering Jackie's emphasis on leading with kindness, reflect on your interactions in the workplace. How can you intentionally infuse more kindness into your daily interactions, especially when faced with differing beliefs or perspectives?

  3. Considering Jackie's caution against busyness becoming an idol, evaluate your current schedule and commitments. Are there areas where you can intentionally create space for stillness and reflection? How might this impact your overall well-being?

  4. Envision multiplying a spirit of kindness, as discussed in the article. How can you contribute to creating a community that empowers and uplifts others? Consider practical steps you can take to reflect the divine design of kindness in your relationships.

Chapter Markers

10:00-1:15 Hard Work U - Jackie's Extraordinary Journey

1:15-3:30 Intentional Living with Kindness on God's Red Carpet

6:00-8:45 Encouragement to Listen

8:45-9:30 Closing: See You on Jan 7 for Season 2!

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